Our Prospectus

Mickey Mouse Daycare House is a dual medium private Daycare.

We are a small school by choice with a focus on helping our parents by providing a happy, secure and homely environment.

Here your kiddies can learn from qualified Teachers who love giving individual attention while teaching. We also, have assistants/child minders, a cook, a cleaner, a groundsman and an Admin Manager.

We give constant support and endeavour to lay a strong foundation with a good education and a positive self-esteem.

All our staff members are passionate about their work and love children. Staff are well screened and trained in child-care and development. They encourage our children to acquire a love for learning through play which eventually will sustain them in their future schooling years.

We Offer:

  • A Safe, Loving and Caring environment
  • Fully registered (Accredited by Social Development/ABA)
  • Small classes
  • Teacher & Caregiver qualified workforce
  • Individual based learning for every child
  • Numerous links with local schools and local community
  • First aid / CPR trained staff
  • CAPS curriculum
  • Progress reports
  • Evaluation Feedback and Recommendation
  • Computer and Technology Classes
  • Speech Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Clinic Sister
  • Extra-mural Activities (Soccer, Swimming, Dancing etc.)

School Hours:

Our school hours are from 06:30-17:45

Breakfast is served as from 08:00 and we request that children arrive at least before 08:30.

Educational classes start at 08:30 and late comers disturb/disrupt classes.


Apart from the normal stimulating program, specially trained staff do baby massages every day in a tranquil atmosphere within the nursery.


We communicate information to parents by using the following: School calendar, Newsletters, Letters on school bags, FB and the WhatsApp group.

School Attendance:

It is extremely important that children attend school regularly. Please notify the school should your child be sick or going to be absent. (See policy on illnesses on Indemnity form)

Discipline Procedure:

Time Out is an appropriate and fair action used to discipline misconduct according to the child’s age.

Intervention recommendation:

For (ECI) support / education where there are developmental delays or disabilities the Principal will advise.

Senior School (Grade R, RR & RRR):

Every January (or with Registration of new children) a red school t-shirt to be purchased at the office. (See Bring-along-list)

Stationery Fee:

Yearly R250.00 is to be paid at the office for stationery. (see Bring along-list)

Sick Policy:

Please ensure that all medication is recorded in the medication register otherwise NO medication will be administered. Also, remember that NO sick children are allowed at school. (See policy on illnesses on Indemnity form)


We do make use of a few transport services that will gladly assist parents who require transport for their child. All payments are made directly to the transport service.

Progress Reports:

Progress reports are given every term. Please contact the school for an appointment with your child’s teacher should you require any feedback on your child’s progress at any other time.


All clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name. A clean set of clothing must be in the school bag at all times.

There are red school t-shirts available from the office which must be worn every Friday and on special occasions as well as on school outings. (See Bring-along-list)

Sun hats & Sunscreen:

Please ensure that your child has a sun hat and sunscreen which must be clearly marked with your child’s name and stays at school. (See Bring-along-list)


Your child’s birthday can be celebrated at school with cupcakes (preferably) for the class to enjoy. Please note that chips, sweets and drinks etc. should not be brought to school.


There will be a few outings every term. Please refer to the newsletter for future dates and events. Always dress your child in blue jeans and red school t-shirt.


Please assist us in keeping the gate closed at all times. Also, be alert in the parking bay by locking your car when dropping off or collecting your child.

We have ADT Security (Alarm system), Neighbourhood Watch and CCTV.

School rules for children:

All children are to adhere to these school rules at all times:

  • Be obedient to all your teachers
  • Be kind to your friends and teachers
  • Don’t use bad/foul language
  • Don’t be rude or hurtful to your friends
  • Don’t tear books, break toys or playground equipment
  • Don’t stand on table or chairs
  • Don’t take anything that does not belong to you

Here at Mickey Mouse Daycare House your child will have the opportunity to develop a love for learning and a healthy self-esteem so that they can grow to be the very best that they can be!