TIPS FOR (those long) TRIPS

GOOD Activities to do:


  • Box of fiddles:  Bubble wrap, Scoobydoo wire, Pipe cleaners, Elastic bands
  • Having bags of various activities to pull out at different stages
  • Ziploc Bag (sealed with tape) or something stronger filled with dry rice and small objects (beads, plastic bugs, paperclips, matches, etc.), then the child must find the objects without opening the bags.
  • Squashy squeezy stress balls
  • A few novel toys (Shop at Crazy Stores) now and again during the long trip.
  • Touchy Feely Books
  • Music –sing-a-long songs (Don’t have music on the whole time.  Put it on in bursts, have it loud, enjoy it, then turn it off – to prevent overstimulation and irritation)
  • Wrapping up all these kinds of things you would give them anyway (snack, toy, book, etc.), then when they must find e.g. I spy:  a windmill, bridge, the winner can open something
  • Let them thread an Otee/Cheerio necklace, then eat one by one
  • Suck activities since it is calming to the nervous system (long straw with a Yogi sip)
  • Magnetic drawing boards


Safe travels!  Remember to enjoy the trip, and display patients on the road this holiday season.