About us

Our Daycare Centre is a Family concern which offers a caring, nurturing and stimulating "home to home" environment.

Children from all cultures and religions are welcome!

Our children are cared for by fully qualified-in-child-care staff and fully qualified Teachers for our Senior school.   We boast a low 10-11 children to each Care-giver together with the respective Supervisor and Manager through-out our school.

We offer full day-care for toddlers in our junior school 12 months to 30 months and education for

2 1/2 year to 6-year-olds (pre-schoolers) in our Senior school from 06:15 - 17:45 Mondays - Fridays

We are open through-out the year and only ever close on Public Holidays and for 3 weeks over the December festive period.

Our dietician has chosen a healthy, balanced menu which is professionally catered for in the form of “home cooked meals” for breakfast and lunch together with a healthy mid-morning and afternoon snack. Herbal tea and (Oros) cool drinks are provided through the day. (No milk formula).

The centre is conveniently situated in Grace Avenue close to the Rossouw street offramp from the Witbank highway.

Set in a magically landscaped garden we are fully secured and have radio response from Brinant Security as well as Community Patrol.